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Queer As Folk (Season 2) Kiss Spamage!

considering this season is sort of my least favourite, it also my second favourite - up until the devil aka Ethan comes along. I am forever a hardcore Brian/Justin fan. and I will defend Brian to the very end. I feel like I'm more a Brian fan more than anything, and I'm like his personal defender, but that's besides the point of the post. While talking to iwanturhorror when she posted a kiss spamage post in her journal located here - I noticed there wasn't my favourite kiss in the mix, so I capped it for her, and she noted she didn't see many caps of season 2 kisses. and there were quite a few, but only a few stood out to me, so here I am giving you that. I fully dedicate this to iwanturhorror and anyone who loved season 2 up to till the devil came along.

Episode 202 - "Like the first time?"

Episode 204 - "Hey stud, wanna dance?"

Episode 206 - The Rules :-[ I personally love that Brian did this, "But it's not the reason, I want you to stay..." oh Brian you were so screwed the moment you met him.

Episode 217 - The snowing boarding trip - that never happened. :( Something about the way Justin jumps onto Brian in happiness makes this kiss worth while for me. It's my favourite kiss, forever.

219 - The most intense kissing I have ever seen. The grunting from Brian and the scaredness of Justin. Ungh this was so intense, I really believed a lot after this.

Feel free to discuss and share something if I missed it! :-)
This was fun to do! I hope I bring people to converse and talk about Season 2 and the B/J love.
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