sick and tired of being sick and tired (heartagram) wrote,
sick and tired of being sick and tired

unlocked: a will/emma pic spam (1/4)

*you can click each image for a larger version*

i can't help but love how they sit together, and how interested they are in each other.
*click to view larger*

emma is intrigued.

her cross-eyed look is the cutest thing ever!
it's filled with worry/concern, but it's all forgotten in seconds...

from this moment, i could see will falling for her...

it's just so clear from the look in his eyes...

i just wanted to capture the cuteness of this scene.

as i end it with this!

i will definitely be doing a part two, three, & four very soon with more captures because i can't help but be mesmerized every time they're together and i love sharing it so everyone can see the perfectness of it!
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