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Queer As Folk (Season 2) Kiss Spamage!

considering this season is sort of my least favourite, it also my second favourite - up until the devil aka Ethan comes along. I am forever a hardcore Brian/Justin fan. and I will defend Brian to the very end. I feel like I'm more a Brian fan more than anything, and I'm like his personal defender, but that's besides the point of the post. While talking to iwanturhorror when she posted a kiss spamage post in her journal located here - I noticed there wasn't my favourite kiss in the mix, so I capped it for her, and she noted she didn't see many caps of season 2 kisses. and there were quite a few, but only a few stood out to me, so here I am giving you that. I fully dedicate this to iwanturhorror and anyone who loved season 2 up to till the devil came along.

Episode 202 - "Like the first time?"

Episode 204 - "Hey stud, wanna dance?"

Episode 206 - The Rules :-[ I personally love that Brian did this, "But it's not the reason, I want you to stay..." oh Brian you were so screwed the moment you met him.

Episode 217 - The snowing boarding trip - that never happened. :( Something about the way Justin jumps onto Brian in happiness makes this kiss worth while for me. It's my favourite kiss, forever.

219 - The most intense kissing I have ever seen. The grunting from Brian and the scaredness of Justin. Ungh this was so intense, I really believed a lot after this.

Feel free to discuss and share something if I missed it! :-)
This was fun to do! I hope I bring people to converse and talk about Season 2 and the B/J love.
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WOW!! I'm druling all over my keyboard ;-) These are some of the hottest scenes to me. If I had to choose a favorite I couldn't do it. Although I do love that red sweater moment. At one point when he snakes his tonge inside justins mouth dammit it is soooooo damn hot. Thank you for sharing this.
when he snakes his tongue into his mouth is what gets me so bad. i put into slow motion sometimes just to see the scene. it makes me wonder like what gale is really thinking, not brian, but gale. how he could pull that intense scene off so freakin wonderfully.
WOW!!! I'll 2nd that, so freakin hot!!!!!!!! the Rules kiss is probably my fav, along with the kiss in 122 beside the jeep, but 219 is a scorcher, sad in many ways, angry, punishing kisses, but GUH!!!! Ive never seen anything like it ever, so intense, can you imagine shooting that scene? the mind truly boggles great picscam, the kissing was my fav part of Qaf, after the love of course.
122 is a forver fav of mine too, but i stick with the 217 being my favourite. ungh, it's so sweet and childlike which is probably why i love it.

i read the RPS story of randy's thoughts during that kiss in 219, it makes me want to write what gale was thinking. i know he had to be turned on.
What episodes is the "rules"? I think I missed it... :(
206, at the end.
Hmm... don't have that one. Lame. Thanks though!
The Rules epi is 206, you know, you can't kiss anyone else on the mouth but me, then the kiss like GUH!!! points to icon.xx
i get kind of angry that brian played by the rules, and justin went and kissed the guy on the mouth, as well as ethan later on >:O
Me too :) Brian always kept his promise, I think that kiss that Justin gave the "virgin" was just his way of showing that he cared, that he wasn't thoughtless & uncaring (a lot like BK) lol, BUT when he fucked around with Ethan & then walked over & kissed him, I was NOT happy, I hated it all, I never watch after 215, too fucking painful for me, the kiss in 219 kills me, Brian was so pissed off & even after just being with Ethan, he would of let Brian fuck him, he was so confused & I'll admit Brian could of told him to stay, but he didn't, I just can't watch 220 when Justin left with Ian, the pain in Brian's eyes, well I just die OK? but then without Ian, we wouldn't of had S3, my fav for the B&J love, OMG the Eyefuck scene in 307 & then the re-union scene in Brian's office, well I loved it & the Ch cha, fuck it never ends,,later ok :P
completely agree, but brian was too scared at the point to admit anything i think. he already knew he was in love, but maybe i think he was testing justin out. he knew he would be back, but kept that brian kinney attitude. ugh stupid brian, :( but then the eye fuck, just wow. i never watched much of season 2 after 219. i was just devistated till 307. and when 308 came, "just don't expect any special treatment" i was just so damn happy. cha cha lives on too. that is my favourite dance squences, besides the forever young.
I don't have that episode. It goes 1234789.... :( Thanks though! - there you can watch the rules. and that episode itself is on youtube, just type in qaf 206 and you'll get all the parts! :) enjoy.
so much love to you!
very welcome, glad i could help!
OMG!!!! A post dedicated to me YAY! I know you said you would but this is just so nice. Thank you so much. Ok so onto the pictures.
This kisses are so effin hot!!!!!!!!!
You are so totally right, S2 has amazing kisses.
I've seen this scenes, despite not having the caps, and OMG how I love them.
I aboslutely love the "Hey stud wanna dance" that is such a great scene. The way they dance.
And the kiss in 219 HOT!! like you said so intense, so passionate.
Thanks so much for sharing all of these pics. I'm so saving them :)
Such a great spam, u rock!!!
I'm so glad you love it. I kept my promise of course, but it was no problem at all.
I swear S2 had so much angst in their kisses, it was like preparing us for the future. such great great amazing kisses in such a sad way.
I'm just so glad you love them so much, now you can have for your enjoyment! :D And thank you, I might do this again. It was fun. If you have any ideas for a pic spam and you don't feel like doing it - allow me lol!
I know picspams are so much fun! I don't have any ideas at the moment but I'm sure we'll both come up with something!!!
Very Nice Piccyspam.

Love Love the Kiss in 219 aka the one that went on and on and on and on.

Very Nice Pics and Icck Ethan I think I have fast forwarded through most of his scenes I like my B/J Together and not with the Fiddling Fiddler in the Road :(

I did not like it either. After he got with Ethan, I didn't watch it to be honest. I went and waited till Season 3 and when that didn't happen... I was just thankful 308. :D
Wonderful picspam!! *drools* I particularly love the last kiss, from 219, despite the circumstances. It's just so passionate! And tongue action as well....! Hot!!
yes, despite the circumstances, it was the most intense i ever seen brian, as if he was claiming him as his.
oh, thanks ton for this!

the first few episodes of season 2 are my fave in the whole series, so it was heart breaking to watch how it progressed until the end of that season. guh!