sick and tired of being sick and tired (heartagram) wrote,
sick and tired of being sick and tired

unlocked: drabbles123 table!

i decided i am going to do this, i need to keep up my writing so i am really challenging myself with this! i hope you all don't mind. but either way you shouldn't!

1.My lover's bed 2.Moonlight 3.No more lonely nights 4.Long dark night of the soul 5.Shooting stars
6.Dancing in the dark 7.A midnight clear 8.Dark desires 9.The night we met 10.Nightmares
11.Saturday night's all right 12.Electricity 13.Tender is the night 14.Insomnia 15.Blackout
16.By candlelight 17.Hot summer nights 18.Before sunrise 19.Last night on earth 20.Writer's choice
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